Terms And Conditions

This agreement is, hereby, made between you and Addmyad.net to govern your access and ability to use its services.

If you continue to use this site, you confirm that you have understood and agree with the Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions of Addmyad.net. In doing so, you also give consent to accept the payment providers available at Addmyad.net. Addmyad.net has the full authority to break the ongoing association between users who have registered if any sign of unlawful activity is found.

If you do not agree with following these Terms and Acceptable Use Policy, stop using Addmyad.net services. Addmyad.net reserves the right to alter and amend the Terms and Conditions without any formal notification. Each time you use the Services, the updated version of the Terms and Conditions will apply. You can review the most current version at any time at Addmyad.net.

1. Eligibility

The minimum age to register at Addmyad.net is sixteen years for using the services. You agree that all furnished details are accurate and allow Addmyad.net to use this information adhering to the mentioned terms of the Addmyad.net Privacy Policy. Addmyad.net accounts cannot be transferred or assigned under any given circumstances.

2. Account registration

To use our services, you should register with a personal account. Ensure that you provide correct information and always keeps it updated. You are not allowed to use the username as a name: (a) of another individual with the aim to impersonate; (b) that is offensive or vulgar.  You are exclusively accountable for ensuring that the account password is kept secure & is aware of the activity that occurs on the account.

3. Terms and conditions to adhere by Buyers

  • You(Buyer) have the right to choose a platform to promote in agreement with the details provided by Publishers on the Addmyad.net server.
  • The task would be immediately rejected in case:
    • For more than 14 days, the task is present in the Acceptance status of the publisher
    • The publisher has not tried to send the project for buyer’s approval even though it has been present under the Progress status for more than 14 days
  • Buyer is provided with full right to connect with the Addmyad.net support team ( even when the task is still in progress) & request to reject the allocated publisher if the below-mentioned conditions occur:
    • The assigned task has been lying in progress for a minimum of 5 days
    • His/Her messages are not receiving a response from the publisher
    • He/she receives no updates on whether the publisher is still working on the project
  • The prices for all services are individually set by the Publishers
  • All communication taking place between the Publishers & Buyers is stored on the Addmyad.net server and could anytime be used by the administration in solving any kind of dispute.
  • You have full authority to return any content to the publisher, not meeting any mentioned requirements of the task.
  • You(Buyer) cannot alter the task brief after the publisher has already started working on the task.
  • You(Buyer) will have to pay the required commission for availing of Addmyad.net Services.
  • The right to make any payment for the task is reserved on the buyer’s end. Only once the task gets finished, the payment is released to the publisher’s account balance.
  • In the scenario of insufficient funds in the account, you will be asked to refill the account balance. The minimum money total which can be added is 50 USD.
  • The buyer’s account is considered to be inactive if it remains dormant for more than 180 days.

4. Terms and conditions for buyers when buying an article

You(Buyer) have the full authority to purchase any article/content by placing the order with your account. You have to decide the topics, theme, categories, or any issue related to the article required by you. You would also have to inform the writer about the minimum number of words that are required.

4.1. Ordering an Article

When you order an article, you should provide complete and correct information. You will be responsible for all the data that you share and will also have to face the necessary consequences in case any incorrect or incomplete information is submitted.

You will have to agree that since the writers create the article, Addmyad.net cannot be held responsible for those articles in any way, including any kind of breach or damage or violation of the third party’s rights arising in reference to the article.

4.2. Acceptance of an Article

Once the writer completes an article, it will be sent to you for feedback and review, following which you can choose to:

  • accept the completed article; or
  • review & request a change within three days from the date of receipt of your article, with a maximum number of one amendment request per single article; or
  • dismiss and reject the submitted article with a revision request.

4.3. Article Revision Request

In case you do not inform about the required change within three days starting from the date of article submission, then it is considered to be accepted as per the terms and conditions.

When you decide to submit or inform about the required changes to the writer, then you should be very clear and crisp in giving a detailed brief. In case the writer fails to modify or make the required changes as per the instruction of the buyer, then you have the full right to reject such an article. In this case, the money which was reserved for the article will not be charged and returned from your reserved balance to your main account balance.

But, Addmyad.net will still hold the final decision to judge whether the article rejection appeal is justified or not.

4.4. Rights to accept the article

You(Buyer) will have your rights on the article only once it is accepted and paid by you in full. As soon as the article gets accepted, you gains full authority to use, distribute, and sell that article in any type of media as per your convenience.

5. Terms and conditions to adhere by Publishers

  • You(Publisher) is required to accept the task received from Buyers in not more than five days.
  • The task would be rejected in case:
    • It is currently pending in “Your Acceptance status” for more than 14 days
    • For more than 14 days, the task is pending under the In Progress status, and the publisher has still not forwarded the work for the buyer’s approval
  • On acceptance of task offer from the buyer, it is required to complete the task within the mentioned time
  • You(Publishers) set the prices for all available services
  • Maximum 3 work revisions can be requested by the buyer, and he/she is then required to release the payment
  • You(Publisher) are prohibited from deleting any content from the platform.
  • Any kind of dispute between both parties will be resolved by Addmyad.net administration as per the guidelines.
  • In the event of any breach of the given Terms and Conditions, the administration has the authority to suspend the publisher’s account for the time needed to ascertain the repercussions of such a breach.
  • On completing the task and getting it approved by the buyer, payment to be transferred to the publisher’s account balance.
  • Only completed & approved tasks are eligible to make withdrawals. Correct PayPal email to be provided by you(Publisher) while making this request.
  • Addmyad.net service charges 25% commission.
  • In case a site is removed by the publisher before the completion of an associated task, the task money will be returned to the buyer.

6. Terms and conditions to adhere by writers

  • All the content & information available on this website will be owned by Addmyad.net. It is legally protected by our trademark, copyright, and unfair competition regulations. If you continue using our services, you(Writer) automatically agree not to steal, distribute, copy, sell, or license our website content without taking prior consent from us. You would agree to follow terms and conditions and be held accountable in case of any violation.
  • You(Writer) take full responsibility for all the content that will be uploaded, submitted, or displayed on our website. You should be willing to grant Addmyad.net representatives or any employee working for us; the right to use, distribute, reformat, and reproduce whatever content is displayed on our official website
  • To start getting paid, writers should earn a minimum of $5. Payment will be made through Paypal. Payments will be made every Monday. Do not forget to provide us with your official Paypal email for payment.
  • You(Writer) fully agree to not hold responsible any of our company representatives for the precision and genuineness of information or link presented by third party websites. You take full responsibility for any kind of interaction or transaction that takes place with such websites.
  • Addmyad.net has the authority to suspend or terminate access to our website in case of any violation of our mentioned terms and conditions. This can be done without any prior notice given to you(writer).

7. Refund policy

Addmyad.net credits show all listed prices. PayPal and credit cards can be used to purchase. Addmyad.net services will now be considered as purchased & not obligated to accept any refund requests.

However, if the user believes some mistake has occurred; he/she can use the authority to contact Addmyad.net and request for his/her refund within the limit of 30 days.

There will be no refunds for any payments which were done more than 30 days ago.

8. Limitation of Liability

Addmyad.net is not liable for any kind of damage like direct, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages, or punitive under any circumstances. The organization has no concern with such damages arising from either this agreement or the use of website services. Addmyad.net is not responsible for the outcomes of the user’s inability or the ability to use the content or data delivered from the website.

9. No Warranty

The competence, precision, or inclusiveness of the data and materials is not given warranty by Addmyad.net. Under any circumstances, any kind of warranty is not articulated, implicit, or constitutional, comprising but not limited to the claims of third party rights, copyrights, merchantability, title, capability for a specified motive is provided along with the data and materials. The adequacy and legality of the content ordered are the full responsibility of the client or the customer.

10. Indemnification

We believe that by agreeing to our terms and conditions, you also approve our services to indemnify and remain harmless. You agree to defend Addmyad.net and its representatives from all claims, loss, expense, damage, and liability arising from the use of and access to the Services and the website.

11. Third-Party Links

Addmyad.net may contain hyperlinks to websites that are controlled by other parties. Addmyad.net or its associates and employees do not provide any warranty or judgment in respect of the correctness or authenticity of the content of such other sites or services to which links are given. You shall be responsible solely for any consequence that arises out of interaction with such hyperlinks to websites.

12. Account Termination

We may suspend the user’s account immediately upon breach of any of the terms and conditions herein or abuse reported due to online behaviour. We do not allow usage of our services for activities related to adult content. Images or content will be suspended/terminated without prior notification.