Basswood Blinds – eco-friendly choice

Nothing beats the look and feel that Basswood blinds bring to a room or office. They provide a warm and luxurious atmosphere and an elegance that cannot be attained with other forms of blinds. Keep in mind that natural wood is not ideal in humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. However, you can still achieve the look with Baswood blinds!

At Welda we have an array of rich natural shades, textures and grains to suit your personal taste and home décor. Transform your house into a home with our beautiful range of basswood blinds.

On top of that, offer custom made-to-measure basswood blinds that can fit in any window no matter how awkward the size and shape. All you have to do is measure up your window size.

Top Benefits That Come with Basswood Blinds

Bass wood blinds may be one of the more expensive window dressing options however the plethora of benefits that come with them are well worth the extra cash that you initially put in. Would you be surprised to learn that wooden blinds are actually a superior eco-friendly choice? And this only one of the many practical benefits that comes along with them!

basswood blinds

basswood blinds

How can your wooden blinds be eco-friendly? 

Well, when you select wood which has been sourced from a sustainable forest over plastic, metal or other synthetic materials, you are in fact lessening your footprint on the world. Other unnatural materials require a lot more work, energy and processing which can be harmful to the environment. Beyond that, wooden blinds are far better at retaining heat in winter and expelling heat in summer. This reduces the need for electricity gulping appliances such as fans, air-conditioning and heaters.

Maintenance of your Basswood blinds is also a breeze compared to other blinds and even curtains.

Whilst most other blinds and curtains will have to be removed and washed thoroughly in order to come completely clean, basswood blinds merely need to be dusted and wiped down with a damp cloth whilst still hung up. This ease of cleaning is largely due to the fact that the slats are much thicker and therefore easier to access.

Another advantage of large slats is that they offer far greater privacy than thinner synthetic blinds.

You will notice that the majority of universal plastic and metal blinds are made up of very thin slats allowing constant gaps even when they are as closed as possible. Often this means that it is easy to make out people and furniture from the outside. Not only does this affect your privacy but perhaps your safety too! With an easy view of the inside of your house, criminal elements may be enticed!

Over and above practical and environmental benefits, basswood blinds are also just very beautiful!

They provide a warm and luxurious atmosphere and an elegance that you just would not be able to achieve with other forms of blinds. Most of the time they are custom made which ensures that you can fit them in any window no matter how awkward the size and shape.

Wooden blinds are also the most customizable blind option.

You have an array of woods to choose from, each with their own unique colour and grain to suit your personal taste and home décor. And even if you do not find a particular wood that catches your fancy, you can stain or paint your basswood blinds to achieve the exact look that you are after. For a rustic appearance, grainy natural wood would be amazing, but for a white washed nautical theme, why not paint your blinds white?!