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Some of Spain’s regions, including Catalonia, have already accredited inner basin management plans, in compliance with the Water Framework Directive. The management plan for the Ebro river basin, which has yet to be approved, nonetheless has to determine its ecological flows.
The decision relating to the publication of the conclusions of the concerned experiments are therefore ruled by the rules and grant agreements between the NIH and the research groups concerned. However, these guidelines don't prescribe during which form the dissemination, is completed.
In his first look before the lower house of parliament, the new Spanish government’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Environment introduced his intention to implement a review of the National Hydrological Plan. The minister was clearly in favour of recent transfers between river basins, citing, with none technical substantiation, the existence of surplus basins. These statements symbolize a clear menace to reopen the Ebro water switch project, albeit covertly.
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The European meals distribution programme for the Most Deprived Persons within the Union has been in place since December 1987. Over the years, this programme has successfully contributed to the discount of food poverty in Europe. In the context of its communication on the Multiannual Financial Framework adopted in June 2011, the Commission proposed to incorporate the food assist programme into the EU social coverage, with effect from 2014. Up to 50 % of edible and healthy meals will get wasted in EU households, supermarkets, restaurants and along the meals supply chain each year, while seventy nine million EU citizens stay beneath the poverty line and 16 million depend on meals assist from charitable establishments.
The EU has put stress on the Egyptian authorities with regard to the human rights violations perpetrated because the ousting of President Mubarak.
the environmental threat assessment of GM animals, together with GM bugs, which is foreseen for mid-2012. In some initiatives, they are going to be exclusively project sponsors and capital markets; in other circumstances, public bodies such as the EIB or national monetary establishments will participate through loans and ensures. The EU and Member states could also provide co-funding to the tasks via grants. The possible participation of public bodies shall comply with the relevant European laws. If adopted by the co-legislators, the Commission believes that sufficient eligible initiatives would qualify to ensure a fast take-up of the initiativeas supported within the conclusions of the European Council of 1-2 March 2012, although it isn't in a position to produce a concrete list of potential tasks.
In 2004, the Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment and Directorate-General for the Economy opposed the Ebro water switch. Moreover, the project was met with an unprecedented stage of public resistance within the areas involved, and was also opposed by the governments of the regions liable to be affected by the environmental influence of the infrastructure. click to read The want for analysis on avian influenza is deeply rooted within the want for proof based interventions and contributes to further strengthening disease surveillance in animals and people and our public well being and veterinary response efforts. As such, the Commission does not goal at stopping such research but somewhat at guaranteeing that experiments on avian influenza are performed in accordance with the EU legislation to the very best requirements of security and safety.
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The Commission has repeatedly urged the Spanish authorities involved in water management to agree on the ideas of a long term sustainable solution to the qualitative and quantitative water challenges that the country faces including those missing from the likely impacts of local weather change. This resolution must be based mostly on the principles and obligations of EU legislation such as administration at river basin scale, the no deterioration precept, the achievement of good standing for all water our bodies, the polluter pays and value restoration principles, including environmental prices.